Motocross, MX races, motocross championship series, motocross races

The 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series

The summer annually marks one of my favorite events. It’s not a fair, festival, or parade, but something a little more unorthodox. Since the 1970s, pro MX racers have competed in a series of races to determine the AMA motocross champion. We are currently in the middle of the series and I wish I could be there to attend some of the races. But, that’s okay; there are many different ways to catch up with the highlights of the 2019 Motocross Championship series.

Motocross, MX races, motocross championship series, motocross races

If you wish to read about the races and check out the results, RacerXOnline provides a schedule of the entire season with access to corresponding articles and results, even past races! You can find the listings of each racer, information about the racers, the type of machine they raced with, and their motos. For example, the RedBud race, that took place over 4th of July weekend, crowned Eli Tomac as 1st  in the 450 Class, finishing 1-2 and racing with a Kawaski KX.

RedBud MX

The RedBud MX was held in Buchanan, Michigan just above the Michigan-Indiana state line. Now, for those of you who followed RedBud, you’ll agree it was the most anticipated and desired race to attend. Fans dressed in red, white, and blue, fireworks going off at night; this race was such a shame to miss and has definitely taught me to prepare for travel arrangements next time. You could tell how much the racers put in their all. Despite Tomac leading by a few points, it really was a close and eventful affair.

Motocross, MX races, motocross championship series, AMA Motocross Championship series

If you’re reading this and am learning from my mistakes and wish to buy tickets to attend an upcoming race, ProMotocross also has a full schedule with news and results and allows you to buy tickets directly. Right now, the prices for general admission to a one-day pro race are about $40. SpringCreek, in Millville, Minnesota, is this weekend and you can bet I will be following along on my couch. The races are covered on cable tv on NBC around 10 in the morning. If you miss it, or can’t access cable, NBC offers a Sports Gold Pro Motocross Pass so you can stream all the races live online.

Motocross, motocross championship series, motocross races

The last race of the series takes place on August 24th at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. This race will reveal our soul 2019 Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Champion!