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7 Best Motorcycle Mods for Beginners

That moment you take your brand-new bike home from the showroom is the best feeling ever! The clean shiny metal, the smell of fresh rubber tires, and the soft leather seat, you feel yourself on top of this solid, powerful machine. You nailed the test drive and cannot wait to ride it again. Your bike seems perfect, but there’s something inside itching you to get more. I’m not saying buy more motorcycles, not for now at least. I’m talking about getting some enhancements done to make your bike the ride of your dreams.

The biggest concern new bikers come across when examining their new bike is a weak exhaust roar. New riders want to rev up their engine and hear some back talk. Other issues are usually physical features such as protruding turn signals and a large back fender. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of bikers get some work done to personalize their ride. These 7 mods are what every first-time rider should consider getting.

Bike Mods for Beginners


Exhaust System

A very common modification for riders, a new exhaust system is a big part that can vary price to price. My exhaust cost me over $700. One of the most common exhaust mods is the American V-twins; those exhausts really let ‘em rip! The best thing about this mod, installation is simple! It doesn’t take more than a wrench to upgrade to your new exhaust.


Motorcycle stands make life so much easier. Sticking these under your swingarms props the bike up, making it easier to perform maintenance or do any work on your bike. Having your bike stand straight up is helpful when it comes to cleaning and detailing as well! For bigger touring bikes or cruisers, there are front wheel stand options as well. Bike stands help with garage space and having a place to roll up and park your bike.


As a frequent rider, I always recommend having a windshield, and a big one at that. A lot of first-time riders purchase a naked bike, but some of you might have just a basic small windshield on your bike. Getting a bigger windshield can eliminate all that rough turbulence and smooth out your rides. For those that listen to radio or music while riding, a bigger windshield also gets rids of wind noise around your face so that you can focus on the tunes.

Frame Sliders

Frame Sliders are one of the most important parts you can get. They’re solid pegs that stick out the side of your bike and protect your frame in the event of a crash or your bike tipping over. You can find many affordable plastic frame sliders, so you have no reason not to invest in your bike’s safety.

LED Turn Signals

Now a’days, you’re pretty much expected to have LED turn signals anyway. Most first-time bikes are designed to look sleek and modern. However, the standard turn signals have this dorky, steam engine- type design. The turn signals stick out on metal spokes with a kind of school bus stop-sign look. Get rid of the extra bulk! Flush turn signals not only look much better, but the LEDs’ illuminating effect catches the attention of all drivers. It is important before buying, though, to check local regulations in terms of bike turn signal visibility.

Air Filter

Your bike’s air filter plays the most important role. The filter sends air to the engine in order for your exhaust to even work. Good filters can generally be expensive, but the stock paper filters are in a more affordable range. The good thing is, air filters end up paying for themselves after time. With regular maintenance, your air filter can last tens of thousands of miles!


I know you’re thinking “why waste money on more tires when these are new?” but, tires are a giant part of the biking experience. Choosing the right tries can be very personal depending on the terrain. And of course, your whole riding style is dependent upon the tires you have. There are some great tires that can transform your rides into what you desire. By doing a little pricing research, you can even find the best deal for your investment. Tires are what really put the bike together visually too. If you think of the body as an outfit, the tires are the shoes.

How to Make Money for Bike Mods

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